Young man disappears, survives for seven days after car accident

May 18th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Florida residents will be intrigued to hear about a bizarre and still not fully understood set of circumstances that led to a car accident victim disappearing for seven days after his truck overturned on a highway.

The good news is that the 25-year-old was finally found after some probably feared he had lost his life following theĀ car accident. The bad news is he is clinging to life after going a week without food or water.

The California man was driving along the highway when his truck rolled over. When police got to the scene, no one was around and they towed the truck away. After searching the area, they could not find anyone who may have been driving the truck.

Fast forward two days, when the 25-year-old was supposed to attend a funeral with his family. He never showed up, prompting serious concerns from his family. They filed a missing person’s report. Eventually, the police connected the dots — the deposed truck and the missing person’s report prompted officials to revisit the crash scene, and witnesses of the crash said they recalled someone getting out of the vehicle and walking away.

There they discovered the young man unconscious, lying in the brush by the highway but “in a location where he was not visible from the roadway or to passing motorists.” That still doesn’t explain why officers were incapable of finding the 25-year-old the first time, nor does it explain what happened to the man during his seven-day disappearance. He has been hospitalized and is on life support.

Serious questions need to be raised about the search effort employed by the San Jose police officers after the car accident.

Source: MSNBC, “Man found alive, but unconscious, a week after car accident,” May 17, 2012