Woman seriously injured after water slide mishap, sues park

October 3rd, 2012 - by DKRPA

We have talked about the dangers of water parks before on this blog. Escaping the hot Florida sun is no easy feat, and many people either venture to the beach, to a nearby pool or to a water park. While they all have the potential for fun, they all pose risks to their adventure-seekers too — and of the three, water parks are somewhat unique.

They are intentionally designed in a way to give the users a feeling of danger and exhilaration. Water slides have hard turns and big ramps — all in the name of excitement for the customer. Because of this, water parks are required to perform regular park inspections to ensure all the rides are safe. In addition, water park staff members need to be well-trained for emergency situations and they need to observe the park’s rules.

However, this doesn’t always happen, and it can result in serious injuries for helpless riders.

One case in Texas has resulted in a woman suing the water park she attended for negligence. The slide she went down is enclosed and purposely dark, so the rider doesn’t know what’s going on around them. Another rider who went before her was stuck inside the slide.

Even though park employees are required to time the runs of each slide rider (to ensure that no one gets stuck), in this case the employees signaled to each other that everything was clear. The woman was sent down and she collided with the trapped individual, resulting in undisclosed serious injuries.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Water Slide Pileup Makes Splash in Court,” Sept. 7, 2012

If you are wondering what to do following serious injuries due to unsafe conditions at a restaurant, water park or another premises, please visit our Palm Beach personal injury page.