Without a valid license, Florida teen causes fatal 3-car wreck

September 28th, 2012 - by DKRPA

In the state of Florida, a teenager must be at least 15 years of age before they can receive a learner’s permit. With such a permit, the young driver must have a licensed 21-year-old licensed in the car anytime they get behind the wheel. Once they turn 16, they may get an intermediate license, and from there they can achieve a full driver’s license once they turn 17.

This is the way a teenager is supposed to learn the rules of the road and gain experience as a driver before they are turned loose on the driving world. Tragically, it appears one Florida family negligently allowed their daughter to operate a vehicle before it was her time, leading to a fatal three-car accident.

The 14-year-old teen collided head-on with another vehicle, eventually enveloping another car in the wreck. Three people in the other two cars had to be hospitalized after the crash. The 14-year-old’s vehicle was carrying her mother and her 8-year-old sister, and sadly, they both perished in the crash.

There will be many questions asked about this accident — namely, why was the child permitted to drive when she clearly was unfit to do so? It is an absolute tragedy, yes; but this ill-equipped teenager has caused immense damage to the many victims involved in this collision.

What more is there to say? She should not have been operating a vehicle out on the road. Three people’s lives may be forever changed, and the perpetrator of the entire accident will suffer immensely as well. Sure, legal action could and probably will be taken here, but that isn’t the point. Our roads need to be safer than they are, and hopefully this story serves as an example to up-and-coming teenage drivers about how precious life really is.

Source: WTSP, “14-year-old driver causes 3-car crash in Homeland,” Stefanie Fogel, Sept. 17, 2012