Unusual DUI case about to conclude, civil suit may follow

March 16th, 2012 - by DKRPA

The trial of John Goodman — a wealthy Palm Beach, Florida mogul who crashed into and killed a 23-year-old man — has garnered the national spotlight in recent weeks after Goodman adopted his girlfriend as his daughter. Many have accused Goodman of making the unusual adoption to hide assets should any civil litigation be brought against him.

His trial, though, is coming to a close and the jury saw the mangled wreckage of the two vehicles involved in the car accident before ruling on the DUI case. According to the prosecution, Goodman rolled through a stop sign while intoxicated and then collided with the deceased 23-year-old. They also allege that Goodman failed to notify police in a timely manner and that he fled the scene.

Two key pieces of evidence against Goodman are his blood-alcohol level (measured at about twice the legal limit of 0.08 after the wreck) and a restaurant receipt that shows Goodman purchased over $200 in liquor.

Goodman’s attorney claims that his client actually didn’t begin drinking until after the car accident, and that he was legally drunk when police tested his blood hours later. He also says that Goodman’s car had faulty sensors that disabled the car, preventing his client from coming to a halt at the stop sign.

If the case against Goodman is proven, his extremely negligent actions would warrant a civil suit. The 23-year-old’s wrongful death could earn his estate a fair and just compensation; and though it would not replace his family’s loss, any give the family a sense of justice.

Source: CBS Miami, “Jury To See Damaged Cars In Goodman Trial,” Mar. 15, 2012