Truck strikes overpass in Miami, no one seriously hurt

May 1st, 2013 - by DKRPA

A truck accident in Miami, Florida has raised some questions about the driver and the company. However, they are not the only parties receiving some skeptical looks — it appears the area where the truck accident occurred is also unsafe, as it lacked the proper warning for the trucker.

The crash occurred at an overpass. An 18-wheeler approached the overpass with some boats as its cargo. The overpass was too low for the truck to drive under; but there were no signs warning the driver of the low height. The truck inevitably hit the overpass, spilling the boats onto the road. One of those boats crashed on top of another car, though thankfully the person inside the car was okay.

We criticize truck drivers quite a bit on this blog. Sometimes they are too tired to operate their vehicles; other times, they may be awake and alert, but choose to operate the truck negligently. In this case, the truck driver deserves a little leniency, given the lack of a street sign warning the driver of the upcoming conditions. That is something that will surely be looked at by the city in the weeks ahead.

However, there is a certain element of improvisation that all drivers must have to safely operate a vehicle. In this case, the driver should have known the cargo he was carrying was very big. He should have seen the overpass and, even without signage, been able to deduce that, at the very least, a collision between his vehicle and the overpass was possible.

At that juncture, he should have turned off the street, or taken some sort of measures to ensure that a crash did not occur.

Source: Miami Herald, “Semi hits overpass on Biscayne Boulevard, cargo falls on car; driver unhurt,” Margaux Herrera, April 10, 2013

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