Truck collision sends six Florida residents to hospital

April 10th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Because of their size and momentum, trucks have the ability to cause powerful and extremely dangerous accidents that put lives at risk. Not just the lives of the driver and the truck’s passengers, but unsuspecting pedestrians and passing cars as well. Truck accidents often spill supplies, liquids and other debris all over the road, presenting the threat of collateral damage to anyone around the wreck.

In Palm Beach, Florida, a truck-on-truck collision showed just how perilous these crashes can be. It is unclear how the truck accident occurred, but preliminary evidence indicates that the collision was head-on, flipping one of the trucks on its side. Officials had to close the street where the accident happened to clean up the wreckage and to attend to the six people who were hospitalized with injuries.

The truck accident occurred during rush hour commute and though four other people were hurt in the truck accident (in addition to the six hospitalized), they refused treatment.

Details were light in this truck accident, but one nearby business owner said he saw “a lot of fuel” spewing onto the road as a result of the collision and that a vehicle belonging to one of his employees was damaged by flying debris.

Local authorities will review the crash and conclude an investigation into the cause of the truck accident soon. Until that is complete, though, we can only speculate as to why the trucks collided. If either person behind the wheel was impaired, intoxicated or driving recklessly, they could be held liable for the damages and medical bills involved in the wreck.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Six people injured in early Monday accident,” Maria Herrera, March 26, 2012

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