Text ‘voicemail’ app could save the lives of many Floridians

September 12th, 2012 - by DKRPA

The texting while driving debate really comes down to two things: can a national system be implemented that completed prevents a driver from sending or receiving a text message? And if the answer is no (which, both currently and in the near future, is the case), will drivers hold themselves personally responsible for paying attention to the road, thus ignoring texts and their cell phone in general while they are behind the wheel?

Given that distracted driving accidents continue to happen on a regular basis, obviously the answer to that second question is “no” as well. Not every driver negligently chooses to text while operating their vehicle. The ones that do, though, put the lives of other drivers, unsuspecting bystanders and innocent pedestrians along the road at risk.

The injuries that stem from a distracted driving accident are rarely minor. Broken bones, physical disfigurement or permanent disability are a few of the unfortunate injuries that a victim can suffer in a distracted driver accident.

Many months of hospital visits and physical therapy can result, which rack up huge medical bills. Now, the victim isn’t just hurt; the victim is in financial distress, too. Many victims will then turn to an experienced lawyer to get advice on their case and to see what kind of legal action they can take to hold the at-fault party responsible that just for their recklessness, but the pain and suffering it caused the victim.

One man from Boca Raton has invented a cell phone that that tries to prevent the injuries from even happening. The app functions like voicemail for your texting service — your phone does nothing when it receives a text, while simultaneously sending an automatic text message to the original sender that you are driving.

With more technical advancements like this app coming to fruition, hopefully someday soon the answer to our first question above will be “yes.”

Source: NBC 6, “Free Safe Text App Prevents Texting and Driving,” Christina Hernandez, Sept. 12, 2012

  • Cell phone use while driving remains a serious issue not just in Florida, but across the nation. To learn more about this issue, please visit ourĀ Boca Raton texting while drivingpage.