Temporary railing doesn’t prevent car from falling into canal

July 13th, 2012 - by DKRPA

When a single-car accident happens, usually the cause of the accident is driver error. The person didn’t see a pedestrian or failed to notice an important road sign, and in a desperate move, the driver veered off course to avoid a bad wreck. Sometimes, though, a car accident occurs because of unpredictable factors that are out of the driver’s control.

Poor weather could make it difficult to see, or make the roads slippery; construction zones can confuse the driver; and poor signage can make a driver think they that a turn is safer than it actually is. Some of these factors came into play in a Florida car accident yesterday that is leaving some Miami resident questioning the safety procedures of the city.

The 23-year-old driver was near a canal when she crashed through the guardrail. Her car plunged into the deep canal — but thankfully her quick thinking allowed her to escape the sinking vehicle and swim to safety.

Residents near the canal guardrail say these accidents happen all too often. In fact, just two weeks ago, a car crashed into and knocked down the railing. The city responded by putting up a temporary guardrail, but never addressed the fallen railing.

The temporary barricades did not help the 23-year-old woman, and given the city’s two-week window to install proper safety equipment near the canal, their response (or lack thereof) is outrageous. City officials have a duty to protect the citizens of Miami from serious injury, and part of that commitment means maintaining proper safety equipment.

Source: Miami Herald, “Woman safe after car plunges into Miami-Dade canal,” Tim Chapman, July 12, 2012