Survivors of fatal boat accident thankful for rescue effort

August 15th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Boat accidents are usually due to operator error. The pilot of the vessel may have been drunk or chatting with passengers, ultimately failing to recognize a passing boat, a shallow patch of water or a physical obstruction that wrecks the boat.

There are additional factors to consider in a boat accident, such as the operator’s experience. Did they take any required safety courses? Were they observing proper piloting etiquette? Was the boat already unsafe in any way? The answers to these questions could play a vital role in any personal injury lawsuit that is filed on behalf of the victims of a boat accident.

Investigators are collecting as much evidence as they can in a recent Connecticut boat accident that claimed one life. The accident is unfortunate and tragic, and could prompt legal action after officials reconstruct the circumstances of the crash. That will likely take months – a typical time frame for boat accidents.

However, there is an uplifting element to this fatal story: the efforts of some rescue divers prevented the boat accident from being even more disastrous.

The accident happened late at night. The boat operator was approaching a harbor which had two rock jetties. The pilot must not have seen these obstructions because the boat crashed into one of the jetties, sending him into the ocean where he drowned.

Two passengers, though, were in the cabin of the boat and trapped under water when the vessel capsized. Rescuer divers quickly got into the water and located the panicked boaters, who were trapped in a small space with barely any space to breath. The divers brought oxygen tanks and were able to extricate the victims and bring them to safety.

Source: The Journal News, “Boat crash rescue had a ‘chilling moment’,” Ned P. Rauch and Shawn Cohen, July 25, 2012