Speeding driver plows into pedestrians to avoid car accident

October 25th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Many Florida drivers have had that moment in rush hour traffic: you’re cruising along at a good speed, thinking traffic will remain constant and you just get a little too comfortable for the briefest of moments. Next thing you know, the car in front is suddenly stopping and you slam on your brakes to narrowly avoid a collision.

It’s a scary moment and ultimately a relieving one. A car accident in Miami yesterday lived up to the former but most certainly did not fulfill the latter.

There isn’t much detail to the story, but what is known is that one car was speeding down a local street when the car in front of it came to a stop. The car tried to stop in time but failed, with the driver ultimately choosing to bail on his lane of traffic to avoid a sure accident. This decision proved very unfortunate, however — the car careened into a busy bus stop, smashing a bench and injuring at least six people in the process.

Four of the six injured people were in critical condition after the accident, and another was in “serious condition.” The only victim to escape hospitalization was a child who thankfully only suffered minor injuries.

There was more good news to come from this unfortunate accident: multiple people who were near the scene came to the rescue of one of the victims who was pinned under the car. The Good Samaritans lifted the vehicle off the man, saving his life.

While the extraordinary effort of the bystanders is to be commended, the negligence of the driver that caused this accident is to be equally deplored. Speeding is one thing, and a negligent act in and of itself. But to swerve from your lane to avoid an accident, potentially causing a far worse crash because of your initial recklessness? It is a despicable act that many of the accident victims will not forgive — and they will likely seek retribution for their injuries in the form of a civil lawsuit.

Source: Local 10, “6 hurt in car crash outside CVS pharmacy,” Oct. 23, 2012