Sneeze allegedly causes fatal Florida car accident

May 13th, 2013 - by DKRPA

A tragic car accident outside of Palm Beach — in Greenacres, Florida — has claimed the life of one man and severely injured another. The crash occurred in the early morning hours; and the circumstances of the car accident are a bit bizarre, which will certainly warrant some questions from the public and investigators.

Two men were pushing a disabled vehicle across a road. The vehicle did not have its lights on, and there were no reflective marking anywhere to distinguish the vehicle against the dark backdrop (it was 2 a.m.). A vehicle that was crossing through the intersection struck the vehicle and pinned the two men for an unknown amount of time.

One of the men, a 56-year-old, was killed in the crash; while a 28-year-old who was helping push the car was hospitalized in critical condition. The condition of the 27-year-old who was operating the vehicle that struck the disabled car is unknown, but he was obviously healthy enough to talk with emergency responders after the crash — and he let loose an interesting comment.

He says that he sneezed immediately before the crash, and when he was able to look back to the road, he saw the vehicle. The unavoidable crash ensued.

This certainly could be a true accident; but it seems odd that the man sneezed at just the right moment, and that the driver was unable to the see the car before this unfortunate sneeze. There will be plenty to sift through for investigators, who will make an ultimate ruling on the crash in terms of fault.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Overnight car crash pins man, kills him in Greenacres,” Mitra Malek, April 27, 2013