Slip-and-fall victim gets $7.5 million from Starbucks

January 7th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Starbucks is a well-recognized brand with tens of thousands of locations across the nation. Plenty of Florida residents have stopped by on a hot day to grab an iced beverage, but few consider the dangers that are present just by stepping onto someone else’s property. Unfortunately for one man in San Diego, he slipped and fell on the recently-mopped floor of a Starbucks he was attending, leading to a medical mess for the 51-year-old.

He hit his head hard enough to cause a concussion, but there was worse news to come. The slip-and-fall victim went to a doctor the next day as his head pain persisted and he was feeling nauseous from the results of the fall. That’s when the doctor diagnosed him with brain trauma, requiring more than a year of therapy. The brain injury has kept the 51-year-old chiropractor out of work.

The man and his family filed suit against Starbucks and recently won $7.5 million from the company. Among the reasons cited by court papers for the $7.5 million award included medical expenses, loss of income, and the loss of enjoyment of life suffered by the slip-and-fall victim.

The “wet floor” signs businesses post after something spills or when an employee mops the floor are recognizable warnings for customers. Starbucks claimed there were three “wet floor” signs on the floor, but witnesses of the slip-and-fall incident say only one sign was on the floor.

No matter where it happens, providing a safe environment for customers should be a priority for any business. When someone sustains injuries due to negligent conditions on someone else’s property, the victim should be compensated. A personal injury or premises liability case, with the aid of a proper legal representative, can earn victims the compensation they deserve to recover from a traumatic incident.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune, “Man wins $7.5 million suit against Starbucks,” Kristina Davis and Mike Freeman, Dec. 23, 2011