Roughly 4,400 teens, kids are hurt every year at amusement parks

May 15th, 2013 - by DKRPA

Amusement parks are such a nice way for Boca Raton families to be able to unwind on a weekend. They can be a lot of fun, allowing kids and parents alike to enjoy exhilarating rides and play games. The idea of amusement parks is exactly this — they’re supposed to be fun.

However, just like pretty much anything, there is always a bad side to such a good idea. Amusement parks are inherently dangerous, given the very nature of roller coasters and many other rides. They take riders on a speedy journey, tossing them around on tight turns and dramatic drops; they can spin riders upside-down, many times, causing some dizziness and trauma; and they can break down, causing unexpected injuries to innocent park patrons.

According to a new report, injuries at amusement parks are far too common — and they usually afflict young people. The study looked at injuries sustained by people under the age of 18 that occurred at amusement parks from 1990 to 2010. More than 92,000 kids and teens were hurt during this time, breaking down to more than 4,400 people under the age of 18 per year. Head and neck injuries were most common, followed by arm injuries.

There is a risk involved when going to an amusement park; and while it is far more likely that you will have a good time and not experience any injuries, there are those families who go through a painful time because of an injury suffered at an amusement park. To protect yourself, follow all safety guidelines posted at the park. If the injuries were suffered as a result of a faulty ride or because of the park’s negligence, you should consider your legal options.

Source: News Medical, “New study examines injuries to children related to amusement rides,” May 2, 2013