Road rage could be factor in Florida hit-and-run crash

July 25th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Police in Palm Beach County are on the lookout for a beige 2000 Ford SUV after the vehicle plowed through a group of pedestrians and then fled the scene. Five people were injured (all hospitalized) in the pedestrian accident — and one is considered to be in critical conditions after she suffered severe bodily harm.

It is possible that the driver of the SUV was acting recklessly in the build-up to the car accident. Investigators have a suspect who they say may have been arguing with some of the victims prior to the crash.

Road rage, in some respects, can signal intent in car accidents. One driver gets emotional over something minor — such as another driver who he or she believes “cut me off” or a slow vehicle that lengthens their commute — and in a fit of irresponsible rage, they cause an accident with the expressed purpose of involving the party that offended them.

It is inexcusable behavior to use a vehicle as a weapon and, sadly, many road rage incidents involve such conditions. They can cause serious injuries (like the ones in this story) that may entitle their victims to a just compensatory award for their suffering, lost wages and accrued medical bills.

Compound road rage with the criminal act of fleeing the scene of a crash, and this car accident will most likely see both criminal and civil court. If the accusations of a prior altercation are true, then the victims in this case were harmed by a negligent act. The at-fault party had no care for the safety or well-being of the five pedestrians.

Source: Associated Press, “Deputies: 5 pedestrians struck, injured by SUV in hit-and-run crash in South Fla.,” July 15, 2012