Reckless Florida driver “flicks off” soon-to-be guardian angel

April 4th, 2012 - by DKRPA

About 250 miles to the northwest of Palm Beach, Florida is the small town of Crystal River where a remarkable and feel-good car accident story has been discovered. A Florida woman constantly being pestered, passed and, well, “flicked off” by a reckless driver on a winding road ended up saving her aggressive counterpart’s life.

As the woman came around a corner she saw a car wrecked on the side of the road, engulfed in flames. She soon realized the car was that of an erratic driver that was having a serious fit of road rage just minutes before the accident.

“She did flick me off whenever she passed me,” the woman said, adding that when she first noticed the car crash and resulting fire, she believed it was an act of “karma.” She insisted, though, that she was not just going to let this other woman deal with the perils of the car accident alone.

“The vehicle was up in flames and just the look on the mom and daughter’s face — I could never just drive by and not think about that,” she said.

The story is an uplifting one, in that this brave woman put her feelings aside to help another person who acted in an abusive and reckless manner towards her. However, it also clearly points to the dangers presented by reckless driving.

Behind the wheel, a driver must be composed and focused on the road. Any deviation from that and you pose a risk to yourself, your passengers, other cars and pedestrians. It constitutes negligence and can make a person liable in any car accident where other people are injured.

Source: KCTV, “Woman saves erratic driver who flipped her the bird,” Elizabeth Klynstra, Mar. 7, 2012