Recall prompts questions about child safety in car accidents

March 25th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Nothing is more important to a parent than the safety of their child. While a car isn’t exactly the safest place for a young child or newborn, there is at least the comfort knowing that a safety seat can protect your child in case of a car accident. Unless, that is, it turns out your child safety seat was improperly produced.

Britax recently had to recall nearly 15,000 of their child safety seats recently after they found faulty equipment on the seats. A defective rivet, meant to hold the seat’s strap in place, can sometimes fall out. The result is a very loose strap that does not effectively restrain or protect your child in a car accident.

The Britax recall isn’t the only piece of recent news regarding child car seats. The source article cites information that says roughly 90% of adults are not properly fastening their children into safety seats. A child who is not secure in his or her seat could be just as dangerous as a seat that was poorly made, a sentiment echoed by one police officer.

“Every time you go to put your child in a car seat, the parent, the guardian, the caregiver, should at least give a cursory glance to make sure that the seat belt is still tight on it, and make sure the harness is still snug,” he said.

It is a sound warning, but it does not clear a company of liability if the safety seat was defective. All parents should check their child safety seats – and if your child was harmed in an accident due to faulty equipment, you should seek legal counsel.

Source: WALA, “Car seat safety, what you need to know,” Sarah Wall, Mar. 23, 2012