Property damage and a hospital trip involved in 3-car crash

March 7th, 2013 - by DKRPA

Three vehicles were involved in a car accident recently in Wellington, Florida. Thankfully, only one person was hurt — but that individual was taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. It appears the injuries were minor, though there are few details being released about the crash. Law enforcement officials are investigating the car accident.

We talked about car insurance in a recent blog post relating to a single-car accident. In this case, with three vehicles involved, the insurance claims that will inevitably be made will be complicated. Each driver may have a different insurer, which means three different protocols; three different sets of rules; and three added layers of complexity to an already complex situation.

It behooves any car accident victim to consult his or her lawyer when dealing with an insurer. They can make sure that an insurer is following the proper steps and respecting your rights as a client. Without a lawyer present, car insurers may take the bold step to outright lie to a client, just to reduce the amount they have to cover in the wake of an accident.

Having that attorney on your side is also important when you are awaiting the results of the investigation into your accident, just like in this case. It can take many weeks for the police, accident investigators and crash reconstruction analysts to piece together all the evidence and come up with a definitive outcome. Once those results are revealed, the victims of the accident can learn what kind of legal options they have.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “One person hurt in three-car crash in Wellington,” March 5, 2013