West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents that involve commercial trucks can be even more dangerous and life-threatening than those that include other vehicles. At Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A., we provide skillful representation with personalized client service to resolve serious or catastrophic personal injury cases involving truck accidents.From our West Palm Beach and Miami offices, we handle personal injury cases involving trucks in Palm Beach County and other regions throughout Florida. Our success in these cases has earned us the reputation as an accomplished law firm skilled at attaining the level of compensation warranted by injuries caused by the negligence of truck drivers.

Experienced Attorneys for Truck Accident Injuries

We use our extensive trial experience to benefit the foundation of every case strategy to deal with insurance companies, trucking companies and others who may be held accountable. Contact our Florida truck injury attorneys to find out more about how our effective representation can help your case.

We are passionate trial lawyers who will take an aggressive approach dealing with insurance companies by suing them if claims are unpaid out of bad faith. Our legal team is committed to seeking out justice in the form of maximum compensation for clients whose lives have been permanently altered by accidents involving semis, tractor-trailers or other trucks.

From the start, we investigate your case to determine if truck driver fatigue or some other form of negligence was involved. In some cases, the truck driver’s company can be considered responsible. In every truck accident case, we will work diligently to fight for your rights and strive to achieve maximum compensation for the pain and suffering the incident caused.

Palm Beach County Truck Accident Attorneys

To discuss a truck accident involving serious or catastrophic personal injuries, please contact us by calling 561-671-1920 or sending an e-mail to schedule a consultation with a qualified attorney. We have translation services available in Spanish and Portuguese.