Cell Phone Related Accident Attorneys

Texting while driving and cell phone use have become a reality in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida. Nevertheless, looking down at one’s phone instead of watching the road constitutes negligence, and can lead to serious accidents that involve serious or catastrophic injury. Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A., is committed to providing the aggressive representation needed to resolve cases of serious personal injury that result from texting while driving and cell phone use.

West Palm Beach Texting Accident Lawyers

Contact us immediately if you have suffered serious or catastrophic personal injuries from the negligence of a distracted driver texting or using a cell phone. It is important to gather the facts of the case and any possible evidence in a timely manner.

Our experienced legal representation can provide the strategy and commitment needed to effectively resolve your case. We are passionate trial lawyers and will aggressively fight with insurance companies to attain what we consider adequate compensation for your pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Cell Phone Use and Serious Personal Injury

These days, cell phone use while driving is so common it is hardly noticed. With our busy Florida roads cell phones can add another potential distraction that sets the stage for serious or even grave consequences. We understand the severe consequences of personal injury that can result from cell phone use. Our attorneys will fight with insurance companies to attain the level of compensation that we think you deserve.

Personal Injury Help in Palm Beach County

With the pressure to multi-task so prevalent in our society today, texting while driving has become common practice. The operation of a motor vehicle is anything but enhanced by the practice of texting while driving. If you or a loved one has suffered catastrophic personal injury as a result of the negligence caused because of texting, we have the legal background to effectively defend your case and obtain the maximum cash settlement or jury award possible for you.

Have you suffered serious personal injuries that resulted from negligence caused by texting while driving or cell phone use? Contact us at 561-671-1920 to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. We have translation services available in Spanish and Portuguese.