Potential recall of Ford Taurus models due to faulty accelerator

March 29th, 2012 - by DKRPA

While there have been no car accidents, injuries or other complications involving an apparent faulty accelerator on the 2005 and 2006 models of the Ford Taurus, 14 people have complained that the sticky pedal could lead to a serious incident. Safety regulators are investigating the claims and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will await the results before enforcing a recall.

Roughly 360,000 Ford Tauruses will be looked at it determine the exact issue with the accelerator and how grave a car accident threat it poses. But for one Taurus owner, the issue is clear and the driver made his opinion clear in a complaint to the NHTSA. “This is an extremely dangerous situation,” the driver said. “There needs to be something done about this before it becomes fatal.”

According to the complaint, the driver’s 2006 Ford Taurus suddenly accelerated without any pressure being applied to the gas pedal. Even after applying the brakes, the car went through a red light and finally came to a halt in the intersection.

This is just one of 13 other complaints made to the NHTSA about the 2005-2006 era of Tauruses; and there are probably many more complaints that go unreported. The NHTSA says that the likely source of these faulty accelerators is the cruise control cable – it can sometimes detach from its position, thereby holding the throttle open and moving the car without the driver’s knowledge.

Originally there were no indications that the Mercury Sable, which uses the same parts as the Ford Taurus, would be included in the investigation. Given past investigations though, it is likely that the twin model will be looked at as well.

Source: USA Today, “Ford Taurus probed by feds for sticky throttles,” Chris Woodyard, Mar. 12, 2012