One trolley went way off track in Fort Lauderdale, injuring 5

July 18th, 2013 - by DKRPA

Trolleys can bring about a feeling of nostalgia for adults or a bit of wonder for children. Beach trolleys in Florida are a great way for residents and tourists alike to enjoy some of the great weather that The Sunshine State has to offer. Not all trolleys are on a track anymore, but they still have a safe path to follow. But the driver of one beach trolley went way off course this week in Fort Lauderdale, causing a serious accident.

Late in the evening on Wednesday, the trolley was carrying a group of passengers along Seabreeze Boulevard. Suddenly, the driver of the trolley lost control of the vehicle and it jumped the curb. The trolley continued its forward motion until it was stopped by nothing other than a high-rise building alongside the street.

When the trolley crashed into the building, no one was hurt inside the building. The same wasn’t true for the passengers on the trolley. Five people were injured, four of whom required immediately medical attention at Broward Health Medical Center. One of the passenger’s injuries were so serious that his were designated with a trauma alert.

The exact cause of the driver’s loss of control of the vehicle remained unknown at the time of the accident. The Fort Lauderdale Police immediately began an investigation to determine the cause of the crash.

For those who were injured, there will no doubt be large medical bills in their future. In many cases, insurance will not cover the cost of these bills. Beyond the medical cost are other damages. Some are financial, like lost wages during recovery. Some are physical and emotional, such as permanent damage or scars. Personal injury lawsuits help victims recover the compensation to help them through.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Beach trolley hits building, injuring five,” Wayne K. Roustan, July 17, 2013