Officials investigate motorcycle crash that killed firefighter

March 12th, 2012 - by DKRPA

An accident that involved one car and two motorcycles has left one firefighter dead and dealt serious injuries to his wife, who was hospitalized. The wreck occurred just outside of Orlando, Florida and there seems to be negligent circumstances in the build-up to the fatal motorcycle accident.

The firefighter and his wife were on one of the motorcycles, heading west in an Orlando suburb. Another motorcyclist was travelling near them when a vehicle heading east on the same road tried to make a left turn. The vehicle obstructed the two motorcycles, resulting in the crash. The second motorcyclist was also taken to a hospital after the crash.

The deceased firefighter was hailed by his peers after the unfortunate news. Many want to know the details involved in the crash – and while the investigation is not yet complete and no charges have been filed, the 16-year-old who was behind the wheel of the turning vehicle will certainly have some questions to answer.

Much has been made about the possibility of a texting while driving ban in the state of Florida. While that bill is considered, there are drivers out there who are taking their focus off the roads and placing it on their cell phones – and putting many innocent drivers at risk.

Was the 16-year-old texting before the crash? Or was the teenager just trying to beat oncoming traffic, an equally reckless decision that resulted in fatal consequences?

Pending the outcome of the crash’s investigation, the firefighter’s wife and the second motorcyclist will certainly have some things to consider. If it is determined that the 16-year-old was negligent, there could be a wave of personal injury and wrongful death suits heading the teenager’s way.

Source: WKMG, “Firefighter killed in motorcycle crash,” Lisa McDonald, Mar. 11, 2012