New law makes car accident victims pay for emergency responders

February 25th, 2013 - by DKRPA

Dealing with your car insurance provider in the wake of an accident can be a very difficult process. Regardless of whether you were at fault in the accident, it is practically a guarantee that your rates will go up. While that is a pretty significant blow in and of itself, the way you may be treated by your car insurance provider can require as much legal attention as the accident itself.

Your insurer will do everything it can to reduce the amount it has to pay in the wake of an accident. At the same time, they have seemingly-endless legal help to combat any appeal you may make.

This can make any argument they present sound very convincing, even if they do not have a legitimate or legally-supported reason to make such a move. As a result, any accident victim — even ones who are not at-fault or ones who have faith in their insurance provider — must seek an experienced lawyer to stand up for their rights in the wake of a car accident. Having legal help in your corner could prevent an insurer from taking advantage of your unfortunate situation.

This is an important point when you consider a new law taking effect in a suburb of Houston, Texas. A town out there will tax people who get into car accidents, making them pay a fee for the emergency responders that arrive at their crash. The fee could be as much as $2,000, and it could be applied regardless of whether you called for help or not, or whether you are at fault or not.

The bill will go to your insurer. Presumably they would cover it, but they could contest it and try to force you to pay.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Texas City to Impose ‘Crash Tax’ for Car Accident Help,” Justin Ray, Feb. 20, 2013

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