Motorcyclist loses life after he crashes with cell phone in hand

January 22nd, 2013 - by DKRPA

As we have talked about recently — and as many have speculated in the past weeks and months — the state of Florida will likely consider legislation regarding a texting while driving ban (again) this year. When that will take place and what the ban will actually entail, we do not know. The violation could be a primary offense, allowing officers to pull someone over just for texting; or it could be a secondary offense, requiring a driver to commit some other violation to get hit with a texting while driving ticket.

Or, it could be rolled into the state’s distracted driving laws, which, in a way, already cover texting while driving. However, these are all hypothetical situations — and until something is officially on the books, every texting while driving accident will only spur more calls from the public to enact a ban.

Just such an accident occurred — perpetrated by a motorcyclist, something many would not expect — here in Florida.

The 40-year-old motorcyclist was attempting to make a right turn in the road, but he took the turn too sharply. He barreled into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle being driven by a 46-year-old. The motorcyclist died from his injuries.

According to a witness, the motorcyclist was holding a cell phone in his left hand in the build-up to the accident. Investigators are looking into the damaged device that was recovered at the scene and trying to determine if the man was texting while riding his motorcycle.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Motorcyclist killed in head-on crash with car,” Arelis R. Hernandez, Jan. 9, 2013

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