Man suffers brain injury from golf cart fall, family files suit

July 3rd, 2012 - by DKRPA

When someone is injured because of the actions of one party (or if that party knew something was unsafe or dangerous and failed to act on it), the victim will often file a personal injury lawsuit against the offending party. One critical aspect to a personal injury lawsuit is negligence — what did the negligent party do (or fail to do) that constitutes such a condition?

One family has filed multiple lawsuits making such an allegation, after a man was tossed from a golf cart being driven by someone else in 2006 and suffered such a severe brain injuries that, even to this day, he has a difficult time completing simple tasks.

The driver worked for a raceway that the man was attending, and the victim’s wife sued both the raceway and the driver for the incident. The lawsuit claims that no speed limits were posted on the premises to regulate golf cart speed. In addition, raceway drivers were not properly trained — facts that, if true, would likely constitute negligence.

We cannot know for sure because the lawsuit was recently settled (the family was asking for $5 million) and with a non-disclosure agreement in place, it is unlikely that any of the three parties will be able to divulge details in the case.

However, if the allegations against the raceway and its employees are true, they could be held liable for the man’s very severe brain injury. The golf cart manufacturer is also being sued by the man and his family.

Source: Reuters, “Golf Cart Brain Injury Victim Settles $5M Suit,” Andrew Chow, June 27, 2012