Leaky roof prompts Walmart shopper to sue after slip and fall

May 31st, 2012 - by DKRPA

Three months ago, we brought you the story of a Walmart shopper who saw a large creature in the store — apparently being kept as a pet by store employees, who let it roam the premises seemingly unchecked — and injured herself after becoming startled by its presence.

Walmart is under the microscope again after a shopper brought a premises liability claim against the retailing giant. The shopper apparently received undisclosed injuries that were serious in nature after a slip-and-fall incident in 2009.

The woman was shopping at Walmart and came across an area with a wet floor — with the water coming from a leak in the store’s ceiling. It is unknown if the store placed a yellow warning cone or any kind of signage that would alert nearby customers of the hazard presented by the wet floor.

Victimized in the accident, the woman is suing Walmart and her suit claims that the store failed to offer customers a safe shopping environment. She is seeking damages and compensation for costs associated with her case.

It happens far too often here in Florida (and, really, across the country) — a store fails to put out warning markers or just fails to properly maintain their store, and as a result innocent shoppers are injured. You would think that businesses would go to great lengths to ensure something like a leaky roof would get fixed as soon as possible; and in the meantime, the area affected by the leak would be completely blocked off so as to prevent a needless slip-and-fall accident.

Source: Ultimate Spring, “Spring Walmart named in slip-and-fall suit,” Glenna Herald, May 16, 2012