Lacking signage or warning, baseball fan slips on wet surface

April 26th, 2012 - by DKRPA

With construction complete on the Miami Marlins’ new $515 million baseball stadium and the season underway, many Palm Beach, Florida residents will make the hour-long trip south to catch a game in the swanky new complex. At a pretty penny, the stadium surely has some incredible amenities, fantastic sightlines and state-of-the-art facilities.

Just because a structure looks safe, though, doesn’t mean it necessarily is — as the fan of another professional baseball team found out after a slip-and-fall incident.

The Houston Astros opened their stadium a little more than a decade ago. The first game it hosted was in 2000 and it was hailed, as many new stadiums are, as a great achievement of the city. But in 2010, a man went an Astros game and suffered injuries due to alleged negligence on the part of park employees.

The incident that befell this man happened as he walked to his seat. A ramp that led fans to the seating area was wet and slick, but employees did not put up any signage to warn patrons of the conditions. After slipping on the wet surface and falling down the ramp, a security guard helped the man and even acknowledged that the staff of the park made a mistake, apologizing to the man for the lack of warning signs.

The man has since filed a personal injury suit, claiming negligence on the part of the park’s employees.

All too often, restaurants and establishments (and, really, any facility offering a service to patrons) neglect to put out yellow warning cones to alert customers of a potentially dangerous area. They are required to do so for the safety of those who enter the premises, and a failure to do so makes them liable when an injured party suffers due to their poor enforcement of safety protocols.

Source: Ultimate Spring, “Spring man sues after slip, fall during Astros game,” Glenna Herald, April 10, 2012