Hit-and-run crash leaves Florida biker with catastrophic injuries

June 27th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Though motorcyclists and bicyclists share similar dangers on the road (both do not protect the rider in an accident), bicyclists face a specific disadvantage that motorcyclists do not experience. While considered part of traffic, bikes travel at dramatically lower speeds than cars and motorcycles and are also removed from the actual flow of traffic — riding to the side of the road.

With two different types of traffic travelling at divergent speeds, the chance of a severe accident (and serious injury) is very high. Some researchers believe this phenomenon applies to highway traffic — mix in a lane change with a variety of cars travelling at different speeds, and you have the recipe for a car accident.

One Florida bicyclist has been hospitalized in “extremely critical condition” after a car struck her bike last week. She broke both her legs and one of her arms, but worst of all she suffered severe head trauma due to the crash.

The accident happened at nearly 1 AM, meaning the car’s driver may have been intoxicated after leaving a bar — which would explain why the driver fled the scene.
That has yet to be proven and the police are investigating the hit-and-run accident that has the 21-year-old clinging to life. But they have recovered the car used in the accident and the offender will face serious consequences when caught.

Negligence is an integral part of some personal injury suits, and in this case it would seemingly apply. The driver made the irresponsible decision to flee the scene of a serious accident and that act will only strengthen any personal injury claims made by the victim and her family.

Source: Gainesville Sun, “Bicyclist, 21, critically injured in hit-run accident,” Cindy Swirko, June 23, 2012