Head-on collision in Palm Beach severely injures 2 people

October 19th, 2012 - by DKRPA

The morning commute usually isn’t kind to Palm Beach residents; but for two people on Friday morning, their commute turned into an absolute disaster.

A head-on collision left two Florida residents seriously injured. Police are unsure as to why the accident occurred, and there are no initial reports about the injuries suffered by the victims. One person was taken to a nearby hospital, while another had to be airlifted to a hospital in West Palm Beach on a “trauma alert.”

Many people don’t consider this about car accidents, but a helicopter ride to a hospital is incredibly expensive and it is the victim who gets the bill for that trip. To be sure, getting an air lift to a hospital is a great tool that can save a victim’s life. We aren’t trying to say that car accident victims should reject such a ride, or that they shouldn’t be offered. A lot of research indicates that the minutes that are saved on an airlift (when compared to an ambulance) are absolutely vital in many cases.

Instead, the cost of an air lift is just something to keep in mind. These accident victims are already suffering through painful injuries; they are unable to work; they are racking up huge medical costs; and then they get a massive bill for a helicopter ride.

These sorts of bills can ruin a person’s financial well-being. The victim should consider legal action against a possibly-negligent driver; legal action that could award them crucial finances to pay such bills.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “One person hospitalized after car wreck in suburban West Palm Beach,” Alexander Seltzer, Oct. 19, 2012