Good Samaritan’s quick thinking saves car accident victim’s life

April 4th, 2013 - by DKRPA

Hit-and-run accidents are obviously terrible incidents. Inherently, there is an added element of outrage when it comes to a hit-and-run; the at-fault driver knows what he or she did, and they choose to scamper off without trying to help out the victims. Somewhere, deep down, they probably know they are not going to get away with it — but they flee anyway, in the hopes they are not caught.
A car accident in Palm Beach, Florida highlights one of the negligent and unfortunate aspects of hit-and-run wrecks.

An older woman was operating her car near the ocean. The 87-year-old took a turn poorly and crashed into a wall, causing serious bodily harm. She fractured her right arm, a severe injury that would have been life-threatening, emergency responders said.

However, the injury did not turn out that poorly because a Good Samaritan that was walking by rushed to woman’s safety. He applied a tourniquet to the woman’s arm to reduce the bleeding, and it likely saved her life. The man who helped the 87-year-old was not at the scene when emergency responders got there.

So you may be wondering why we are talking about this accident and hit-and-run accidents in the same breath — and the answer is that hit-and-run drivers do not help the victims at the scene.

The man in this story saved the accident victim’s life. Hit-and-run drivers, if they would choose to stay at the scene instead of flee, could help the victims during those critical moments immediately after a wreck, potentially saving their life.

Source: Palm Beach Daily News, “Passerby stops elderly woman’s bleeding after car accident,” Michele Dargan, March 20, 2013