Going below the speed limit in the left lane could now cost $60

June 17th, 2013 - by DKRPA

Most of the time, slowing your driving down is a great idea. Usually, slower speeds can do a lot toward preventing serious and deadly car accidents. Here in Florida, however, we apparently have a few drivers who go below the speed limit in the far left-hand lane where people are expecting to be able to meet (or exceed) the speed limit, or at least to be able to pass.

Slow drivers in the fast lane have become a hot-button issue for many Florida drivers. We’re not talking about people who go the speed limit in the left lane — that’s perfectly legal. We’re talking about people who, for whatever reason, go below the speed limit, which can actually contribute to car accidents, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Of course, the FHP is generally more concerned with out-of-control speeders, drunk or distracted drivers, or other traffic hazards. Still, people who drive below the speed limit in the fast lane are unexpected, meaning that other drivers need to react when they encounter one. Whether that ends in a rear-end collision or an incident of road rage, it can be a real danger.

Here in Florida, it’s generally considered a rule of the road that slower drivers should keep right, but a new law makes that official — and assigns a $60 penalty for drivers who go 10 mph or more below the posted speed limit in the fast lane.

One Highway Patrol sergeant says that traffic safety and preventing car accidents are always the FHP’s top priorities. “That’s our goal. It’s not necessarily to harass just speeders or impaired drivers,” she told reporters. “We’re out here trying to make sure everybody gets home safely every day.”
The new law goes into effect on July 1.

Source: WPTV News Channel 5, “New law targets slower Florida drivers,” Dan Corcoran, June 14, 2013