Florida teens help accident victims on way to prom

May 21st, 2013 - by DKRPA

It is very difficult to write about motor vehicle accidents, simply because there is an inherent element of carnage to them. Either people are hurt, or vehicles are damaged (or, all too often, both). Usually the damage inflicted on the people is quite serious; and even if it isn’t, their lives can be changed forever. Minor injuries can completely change a person (such as whiplash) or it can make them fearful of the road for many years to come.

So when a car accident happens and there is an element of heroism to go along with it, it simply must be told — and this one will restore your faith in humanity.

A group of roughly 20 high school students from Florida was headed to their prom. Riding in a limo, they were travelling down a highway. All of a sudden, a van in front of them lost control, swerved across traffic and collided with the center divider. It flipped over, and a family of seven was trapped inside.

The limo carrying the high school students was able to brake in time, and then the teens leapt into action. They were able to rescue all seven people in the vehicle, even calming down the mother while she understandably worried about her kids. All of the people in the wrecked vehicle survived with no serious injuries.

This story is a reminder that, sometimes, there can be a silver lining amidst the terrible moments of a car accident. All Florida residents should follow the example of these high school students.

Source: NBC News, “Florida prom-goers aid in car accident rescue,” Matthew DeLuca, May 15, 2013