Florida resident critical after pedestrian accident

March 19th, 2013 - by DKRPA

A pedestrian accident in West Palm Beach has left one Florida resident in critical condition at a nearby hospital and a community asking questions about how the incident occurred.

Very little information is being released about the story, other than the patient’s condition and that investigators are looking into the incident.
So what can we take away from this story? Well, the first is that we hope the pedestrian recovers from this devastating accident.

However, there are a couple of other things to consider here that are important for all Florida residents to know. The first is that accident reconstruction analysts will come in and use the available evidence to summarize the events leading up to and including the accident. That will enable them to know if the pedestrian was in the crosswalk prior to the collision, which may not be known in some pedestrian accidents. This data can also show if the driver was speeding prior to the crash or not.

Another important factor here is that these investigations — done by law enforcement and the accident reconstruction analysts — can take many weeks to complete. Even if the accident is a straightforward one, officials have to get it 100 percent right. So, they comb over the details and ensure that their report and determination on the accident is accurate.

While this investigation is going on, you can still consider a personal injury lawsuit against the driver — but you will want to await the investigation’s completion so that you have the full range of evidence on your side.

Source: WPTV, “Pedestrian struck by vehicle in suburban West Palm Beach,” Monica Magalhaes, March 14, 2013

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