Florida Marlins player hopes to make roster after car accident

February 22nd, 2013 - by DKRPA

We often talk about the life-altering consequences of car accidents; and while it is not so hard to imagine, every once and a while you hear a story that captures just how devastating car accident injuries can be. How they affect a victim’s everyday life; how they affect a victim’s ability to work and earn a living wage; and how they affect a victim’s long-term prospects are important issues when they occur under wrongful or negligent circumstances.

One player on the Florida Marlins knows this reality all too well; and the effects of the car accident he suffered a year ago are still plaguing him today.

Alfredo Silverio was a rising star in the baseball world. He was expected to make the opening day roster for the Los Angeles Dodgers last year when he crashed his car. The vehicle rolled over numerous times, and Silverio was lucky to survive.

A severe blow to the head made Silverio lose his memory for a while after the crash; he suffered a concussion; his neck and upper torso were also injured; and his elbow was completed destroyed in the wreck, requiring reconstructive surgery.

After a year of rehabilitation, there is a chance that Silverio could make the Florida Marlins roster this season; a tremendous recovery by this young man who will hopefully complete the happy ending by playing in a major league game.

However, we must reiterate that not every car accident victim has the positive outcome that Silverio experienced; and we don’t even know if Silverio is completely fine. He may still suffer from headaches or have some slight symptoms of whiplash. These are common symptoms in the wake of any car accident; but especially after a rollover accident.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “A year after near-fatal car accident, outfielder seeks roster spot with Marlins,” Joe Capozzi, Jan. 28, 2013

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