Florida considers latest version of texting while driving ban

January 31st, 2013 - by DKRPA

Many Palm Beach drivers probably do not know how much time passes when someone picks up their cellphone and sends (or receives) a text message while they are behind the wheel, nor is it something they consider. That’s perfectly understandable, because it seems like it wouldn’t take more than a split-second.

But that isn’t the truth. On average, it takes four seconds for someone to send or receive a text. Behind the wheel, those four seconds can turn into a fatal accident. That means a texting driver who is travelling 60 miles per hour will have their eyes (and attention) off of the road for more than 350 feet while they deal with that text.

It is a recipe for disaster; and far too often, that recipe results in serious or catastrophic injuries to unsuspecting drivers or passengers in a distracted driver accident. According to federal data, every year 100,000 distracted driving accidents occur in the U.S. — and more than 3,300 of those wrecks were fatal in 2011.

Without a texting while driving ban, Florida is one of the last states to go without such legislation. Considering a texting driver is 23 times more likely to get into an accident than under normal circumstances (that is not a misprint), you would think our state would have passed something by now.
Previously laws have failed, but a new push for a texting while driving ban seems promising. Florida Senator Maria Sachs has thrown her support behind a ban that would make texting while driving a moving violation, with increasing fines for each time a driver violates the law (the fines start at $100 for the first offense).

Source: Huffington Post Miami, “Florida Texting While Driving Ban Bill Sponsored By Senator Maria Sachs (VIDEO),” Robert Nolin, Jan. 31, 2013

  • Texting while driving is a negligent act that can cost people their wellbeing or even their lives. To learn more about what a victim (or their loved ones) can do in the wake of such an accident, please visit our Palm Beach texting while driving page.