Florida bicyclist killed by clueless, yet unsuspecting, driver

November 16th, 2012 - by DKRPA

As many bicyclists in Florida know, most vehicles on the road are not paying attention to them. Bicyclists are required to ride their vehicles in the road; but car, trucks, buses and other motor vehicles are free and clear to drive through the streets. Of course, they need such requirements; but for innocent and vulnerable bicyclists, it can be a nightmare to try and drive through the complicated — and crowded — streets of Miami, Florida.

There are far too many bicyclists who go unseen in the middle of traffic — and for one 39-year-old man, this unfortunate reality resulted in his death.

The man was biking through the streets of Miami, attempting to turn his sidewalk biking into a street ride. As he switched from sidewalk to the road, he was struck by another vehicle; the driver of which was deemed “not negligent” in the accident.

Even though the driver was not implicated in this wreck, the fact of the matter is that many bikers ride their traditional routes unprotected; assuming that driver will respect their right of way. While that is admirable, many bikers are injured because drivers do not look for (or simply fail to recognize or check their mirrors for) vulnerable bicyclists.

When negligent drivers cause an accident with a biker — and, to be sure, an accident wherein the driver fails to observe or recognize a biker is negligent — they can be held liable for the serious, if not fatal, injuries suffered by the bicyclist.

Source: Palm Beach Post, Bicyclist dies in Lake Worth accident Nov. 11, 2012

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