Escaping from a submerged vehicle

April 10th, 2012 - by DKRPA

In Florida, there is always a chance that cars involved in crashes, may end up in or near a body of water.  Missing loved ones are known to have been found years later in their car, still seat-belted, at the bottom of a canal, lake or pond.

So, what should you do to increase your chances of surviving should you and your car end up in the water?  Don’t panic!

First, assess your surroundings.  Second, unbuckle your seatbelt.  If you are able, roll down your window and swim out of the car to the surface.  If the water is rising quickly, you may not be able to roll down the window until the pressure equalizes.

If you are unable to roll down the window or have power windows, you will need to break the glass of one of the windows in order to escape.  Rear and side windows are easier to break, as front windshields are made of safety glass.

Retailers sell a multi-purpose tool that cuts through the material of a seatbelt and breaks glass.  Having this tool securely fastened in your car will make it more easily accessible should you find you and your car submerged in water.

Remember, dont’ panic.  If you find yourself submerged, know that you’ve already survived the crash itself.  By remaining calm, you can increase your chances of survival.