Escalator collapse injures 4; mall under scrutiny

December 17th, 2012 - by DKRPA

It is pretty uncommon for an escalator or elevator to fail; but when they do, the riders are often seriously injured. A sudden stop or an alarming fall can jolt the riders and deal them deep cuts, broken bones, brain injuries or even more catastrophic harm.

In the wake of such an uncommon occurrence, the victims need to consider their legal options. If the building or establishment neglected to maintain the machinery, or if they were behind on inspections, they could be held liable for the injuries suffered by the victims. One such incident recently occurred outside of Florida, which will have residents in the Sunshine State questioning the safety protocols of the mall where it happened.

Four people — two adults and two kids — were injured after an escalator abruptly failed at a mall in Washington. The escalator was going up when the failure occurred. All four victims had to be hospitalized because of their injuries.

While an official called the escalator collapse a “freak accident,” there will be many questions asked of the maintenance records and safety protocols of the mall. The escalator that collapsed was an original bit of machinery, installed during the mall’s construction in 1982.

Did mall officials keep up with required maintenance checks? Was the inspector or mall aware of potentially serious issues with that escalator? What about the other escalators at the mall? Are they safe? Many shoppers count on being safe during the holiday season, so these questions are very pertinent to them — as they are to the victims who may consider civil litigation for their injuries.

Source: Woodinville Patch, “Four Injured in Escalator Collapse at Macy’s in Bellevue Square,” Venice Buhain, Dec. 8, 2012

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