Drunk teen facing serious charges after causing fatal car crash

August 17th, 2012 - by DKRPA

A fatal car accident in December that killed an 82-year-old woman has prompted serious criminal charges against the teenager who caused the accident. The 19-year-old at fault in the wreck was drunk and now faces two DUI-related charges (including manslaughter and causing serious bodily injury) in addition to a controlled substance charge.

The accident occurred in Palm Beach County. The 82-year-old woman was the passenger in her husband’s vehicle, which was attempting a left turn. Seemingly, they had the right of way as the oncoming lanes of traffic had a red light. But the intoxicated 19-year-old must not have recognized the light, because he plowed through the intersection and into the elderly couple’s car. The woman died from her injuries at a nearby hospital, while her husband suffered critical injuries.

It feels like this story happens every day — a young man or woman makes an irresponsible and ultimately fatal decision behind the wheel. It is very unfortunate and while graduated driver’s license laws and improved training for new or teenage drivers are helping cut back on such incidents, the act of reckless driving will persist.

Someone who is compelled to do something dangerous like drinking and driving cannot truly be stopped (well, at least until driverless cars become the norm). There will always be negligent individuals who slip through the cracks and get behind the wheel of a car with their blood alcohol content above 0.08 — and that means innocent people can be hurt on the road, just like in this case.

While we wait for the era of fully-functional driverless cars, victims of reckless teen drivers or drunk drivers do have the means to financially recover from their unjust injuries. It will take time, hard work and an experienced legal representative; but those injured in a car accident can earn vital compensation in court to help their recovery efforts.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Boynton Beach man, 19, arrested in crash that killed woman, 82, in December,” Julius Whigham II, Aug. 7, 2012

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