College student struck while on bike, suffers serious injuries

December 13th, 2012 - by DKRPA

Bicyclists are so vulnerable on the road that it is imperative that people behind the wheel of motor vehicles keep an eye out for them. They have to pay special attention to bikes; otherwise unfortunate accidents — which inflict serious injuries — can occur.

Motorists and bicyclists may be rivals on the road, but neither side wants to see the other get seriously hurt in an accident. Sadly, that was the case for one University of Florida student who was struck while riding her bike in Gainesville.

The accident is still under investigation and it does not appear that anyone in the SUV which hit the bike was hurt. Witnesses say the SUV had a green light when the accident occurred, but that should be taken with a grain of salt. Those “witnesses” could be passengers in the SUV. And even if the SUV had a green light, the driver still has to operate the vehicle safely; especially around bicyclists.

Was the driver talking on a cell phone or texting away? Was he distracted in some other way? What about checking blind spots and observing traffic laws — was the driver speeding or otherwise driving in a reckless manner that would endanger the student?

None of these questions have been answered yet, but the investigation into the wreck — which will take weeks — will yield critical answers for the young woman (who suffered severe head injuries) and her family.

The conclusions made by investigators can serve as evidence for the victims and their loved ones when they pursue a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

Source: Gainesville Sun, “Bicyclist hit by SUV, seriously hurt,” Hannah O. Brown, Dec. 9, 2012