Charges pending in fatal West Palm Beach motorcycle accident

October 16th, 2012 - by DKRPA

A fatal car accident in West Palm Beach, Florida shows the unique risks motorcyclists face on the road.

Two motorcyclists, aged 31 and 19, were driving around late at night in a suburban portion of West Palm Beach last week. As they approached an intersection, a car suddenly made a U-turn right in front of them, cutting them off and causing a collision. Both motorcyclists were thrown from their vehicles after they tried to swerve out of the way of the car.

Unfortunately, as the 31-year-old was lying in the road, he was run over by another vehicle. He did not survive the second collision.

Details were few and far between following the accident; but, what is known is that the police will files charges in the wreck. It is also safe to presume that the 19-year-old was hurt in this crash, though to what extent is unknown.

Many people immediately think that when a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, the rider was somehow “asking for it.” They ride a motorcycle, after all. They must like danger and they must be reckless.

But this simply isn’t the case for a vast majority of motorcycle owners in Florida. Motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens who simply prefer riding a motorcycle over driving a car.

The perception that motorcyclists are somehow dangerous or predominantly negligent is false — and yet, that perception can carry into civil litigation that they may pursue if they are hurt in a car accident. The court may get the idea, even if it is only an unconscious one, that the motorcyclist’s claims have little basis because, well “they’re just a motorcyclist.”

That is why motorcyclists need experienced personal injury lawyers who will aggressively pursue their case and ensure a thorough investigation of their accident is completed.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Motorcyclist crashes, then gets hit by a car in West Palm Beach,” Cynthia Roldan, Oct. 12, 2012

Motor vehicle accidents can leave people with serious injuries — especially motorcyclists, who are far more vulnerable in a crash. A personal injury lawsuit can help accident victims receive the compensation they require to fully recover from their ordeal.