Chain reaction crash at car wash pinned on Florida man

March 26th, 2013 - by DKRPA

In an unfortunate and somewhat bizarre car accident in Palm Beach County, five people were sent to the hospital and “several vehicles” were damaged according to law enforcement officials. The pileup occurred in the parking lot (or possibly the waiting line) of a local car wash, injuring workers at the facility.

The accident happened because a 46-year-old man pressed down on the gas pedal when he thought he was applying the brakes. As a result, he caused a chain reaction of fender benders that pinned some employees between the cars. No one suffered life-threatening injuries; but in the absence of more details, some of the workers could have been dealt very serious injuries.

Police at the scene charged the man with careless driving, which could open him up to a bevy of civil lawsuits. The drivers in the other cars will have to deal with their insurers and could have hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in repairs to make, all because of a silly mistake by the 46-year-old. Yes, it was a mistake — but that does not absolve him of fault. The drivers could sue him for his poor driving.

But of more importance is the health of the five injured workers. They will be out of work for some time, paying extensive medical bills to help them recover from their serious injuries. They will certainly have a case to make; and their lawsuit could help cover things such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and any other hardships that can be attributed to the accident.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Lake Worth man charged in pileup at car wash,” Susan Salisbury, March 23, 2013