Car accident hospitalizes 4, investigators search for answers

April 22nd, 2013 - by DKRPA

Two vehicles were involved in a car accident in Palm Beach County, Florida recently, which sent four people to the hospital — one of which needed an airlift to get there, and another had to be freed from a vehicle by emergency responders.

The car accident occurred in the evening, and there are few details known about the circumstances of the wreck. The conditions of the victims are unknown, but clearly this was a violent collision — and given what needed to be done to get the people in the vehicles to the hospital, it is likely that the injuries are quite serious.

An investigation has been launched, and the findings of that inquiry will be crucial to the victims of this accident. If the investigators find that one of the drivers was negligent in any way, there will likely be a civil lawsuit.

One thing that plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit involving a car accident need to realize is that there are caps to how much can be earned from the lawsuit. For example, you may earn a massive monetary ruling from the jury in your lawsuit; but the actual amount that you will get could be substantially lower. Civil lawsuit caps — and the possibility that the ruling is reduced upon appeal — are the reason for this.

Still, those lawsuits are absolutely vital for the victims of a serious car accident. The financial compensation of such a lawsuit enables the victims to pay for medical bills and rehabilitative efforts.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Four injured, one flown to hospital, after two car accident in Lantana,” Julius Whigham II, April 9, 2013