Broward police officer suffers serious injuries in car crash

October 5th, 2012 - by DKRPA

We often talk about the serious or catastrophic injuries that people can suffer in a car accident, but sometimes it’s tough to actually realize what it means to have to live with these injuries.

Imagine something as simple as a broken bone — say it’s your hand. Is this a serious injury? Not particularly, but it does greatly affect the victim’s life. They are now unable to do things that they may enjoy — athletics and outdoor activities. They may struggle with doing simple things at home. And after the bone heals, there are still a few weeks of rehab that need to be performed to ensure the hand is back to full strength.

Now let’s imagine more serious injuries: internal injuries, severe abrasions, brain trauma and damage to vital bones or systems. Internal injuries usually require surgery and cause the patient to feel immense pain. Severe abrasions can disfigure a person, causing them mental anguish. Brain trauma can irrevocably affect a person’s ability to function normally. Damage to vital bones or systems, like the spinal cord, can lead to paralysis or death.

All of these things put the victim in an unimaginably difficult spot. They are hurting; they are unable to work; they have to pay mounting medical bills; and their road to recovery is a long one. And if this entire situation was setup by an accident caused by a negligent driver, the individual could (and should) seek legal action so that they have the chance to earn necessary compensation to pay for these things.

One Broward police officer may be in this position after he tried to help out a driver on the side of the highway. He was struck by another car as he approached the vehicle in distress. He suffered a broken leg, head trauma and a fractured vertebra.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Injured BSO deputy ‘in good spirits’ after Palm Beach County crash,” Juan Ortega, Oct. 5, 2012