Boating accident leads to helping others in need of prostheses

February 2nd, 2013 - by DKRPA

Perseverance is defined as a “steady and continued action or belief, usually over a long period and especially despite difficulties or setbacks” by the Encarta Dictionary. For one young Florida man, perseverance is defined by his life’s story after the age of 16.

It was at that time that the now 23-year-old was involved in a serious boating accident that took both of his legs below the knee. After slipping into the water to begin his scuba adventure, the then teenage boy’s legs got sucked into the boat’s propellers and were immediately severed. Luckily for him, both of his parents are doctors and they almost immediately went into “triage mode” in order to stop the bleeding and get him safely to shore where an ambulance would be waiting.

For young Jordan Thomas, recovery would not be easy, nor would it be swift. However, because of his parent’s financial abilities, he was able to get the best treatment with the best prosthetics to help him to return to as active of a life as he was able. Seeing how he benefited from the prosthetics and understanding the costs that accompany them, Jordan began to see that many other kids in his situation were not so lucky. So, he is now focusing his work on trying to fix that.

He has started a charity called the Jordan Thomas Foundation which “provides prosthetics for children of traumatic injury and limb loss until they are grown up and don’t require the prosthetic to be replaced.” On average, it costs roughly $100,000 to provide quality prostheses for a child from the age of four to young adulthood. The exorbitant price is a result of the children constantly out-growing their prostheses every 18-24 months, just like a pair of shoes, only with a bit more cost attached.

The foundation aims at helping reduce or eliminate that cost for families that cannot afford it. The foundation reviews applications and is currently able to help out seven children who have either lost limbs or were born without them. In some cases the foundation is helping them dance, others run, whether it is letting them be able to give a high five or compete in sports, the foundation is helping each to persevere, just as Jordan has.

Source:, “Jordan Thomas helps improve the lives of children who have lost limbs,” Anand Raj OK, Jan. 31, 2013