Older Floridians more likely to be victims of fatal accidents

Just recently, a 75-year-old man was taken to a hospital after being struck by a vehicle while trying to cross the street. The man, whose condition was serious, was in a crosswalk at the time when the vehicle ran a stoplight. The driver of that vehicle took off, leaving the victim lying there on the pavement, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Older pedestrians more vulnerable

The above story is just one of many in Florida involving older pedestrians who have been seriously injured or killed because of the actions of motorists and points to the risks posed to this group. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, numbers show that over 20 percent of accidents involving elderly people are fatal, compared to younger age groups.

This is not surprising, given the fact that the human body naturally slows down as it ages, becoming more fragile. As a result, the recovery process for an older person can be longer and can be fraught with complications.

No real improvement

Despite efforts made to decrease the numbers of pedestrians killed each year, numbers from 2003 and 2009 indicate that not much progress has been made. While the numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have changed slightly, over 4,000 people were killed in pedestrian-car related accidents according to each year’s report.

In 2009, the numbers were broken down even further.

  • 12.1 percent of all traffic fatalities were pedestrians
  • 775 fatal accidents involved people over the age of 65
  • 364 victims were aged 64-74
  • 411 victims were aged 74 and older

Millions of older Floridians

The 2010 Census shows that over three million Floridians are age 65 and older. Projected Census numbers show that number rising to over four million by 2020 and over five million by 2030. Furthermore, it is estimated that elderly Floridians will be the second largest age group by 2030; today they are the third largest age group in the state.

Information from the American Community Survey that same year indicates that the top 10 cities for retirees are in Florida. Bradenton topped the list with elderly residents making up over 25 percent of its population of 688,126 people.

Most dangerous cities to walk are in Florida

In 2011, a survey conducted by a non-profit group called Transportation for America revealed that the most dangerous cities for pedestrians are in Florida. Four cities in the state held the top four places for the numbers of pedestrians killed in fatal car accidents. The number of pedestrians who suffered a serious injury was not included in the survey.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can review your case and your right to economic recovery.