A severe blow to the head made Silverio lose his memory for a while after the crash; he suffered a concussion

February 14th, 2013 - by DKRPA

The following story did not happen in Florida; it did not happen in the United States; it did not even happen in the Western Hemisphere. However, the circumstances of the story are so amazing that you will at first think it to be unbelievable. But, we assure you — this story really did happen.

A man in France got in his car recently to go to the supermarket. His vehicle, a Renault, probably was not without its bumps, its bruises and its own unique flaws.

As he proceeded to the store at 60 miles per hour, his trip suddenly turned into a nightmare. Something went terribly wrong in the vehicle (the details of which, at this point, are still unclear), and it began accelerating on its own. 70 miles per hour; 80; 90 — it just kept going and going. The man could not stop it. With every slam of the brakes, the vehicle only got faster.

Eventually it topped out at 125 MPH, but that was the problem: it reached that speed and kept operating. Not for a couple of minutes — but for an entire hour.

Some quick thinking, the efforts of local police officers and the courtesy of fellow travelers on the road allowed the man — somehow, someway — to survive the journey. The man called the police to inform him of the terrifying ordeal. They formed an escort, closed down roads and opened up toll lanes for the man to drive through. He eventually ended up in Belgium, where the vehicle finally ran out of gas.

There may not be a lot of legal insight in this story — although the man is, quite understandably, suing Renault. Something mechanically failed on this vehicle, and the man was likely traumatized by the incident. But the seemingly-incredible circumstances are worthy of a movie. (Maybe we’re a little late with that idea.)

Source: The Atlantic, “This Guy’s Car Got Stuck at 125mph — for an Hour,” Megan Garber, Feb. 13, 2013