4 Floridians sent to the hospital after head-on wreck

April 8th, 2013 - by DKRPA

A two-car crash in Palm Beach, Florida dealt injuries to numerous people in both vehicles, requiring hospital trips for four of the individuals involved. There are few details available regarding this accident, but we do know two things: that the accident was a head-on collision, and that an airlift was not necessary (which, if it is possible for there to be good news in the wake of a head-on collision, this may qualify).

Given that the wreck was a head-on collision, it is likely that one of the drivers was negligent or at-fault in some way. The accident will be investigated and, once officials have looked over the details, they will be able to come to a conclusion about the wreck.

There are a couple of things to take away from this car accident, and the first is that you should never reject medical care in the wake of an accident. Sometimes it is not really an option; but if a car accident causes you minor injuries, you should still receive whatever medical care is offered. Those minor injuries could turn into serious matters down the line; or you may suffer an injury that you are not even aware of in the immediate aftermath of a crash.

Having medical professionals look you over after a crash can prevent minor injuries from becoming serious (or unseen ones remaining hidden); and it also provides a record that you can reference if you choose to file a civil lawsuit against the driver of the other vehicle.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Four go to hospital after Jupiter accident,” Kimberly Miller, April 7, 2013